At the cutting edges of the teeth on the broaching tools, wearing will occur over time due to friction and heating and this is normal.

Every broaching tool must be sharpened at regular period. This period depends on the type of material that broached, material hardness, cutting oil usage, fixtures, and rigidity of the broaching machine. If these periods are not followed, your broaching tool will be forced and may break

In Kestas, the teeth of your broaching tool which are deformed over time are re-sharpened to reach the form of the tool on the first day. If there is any problem with the broached parts in time, this is taken into consideration and a re-sharpening program is applied accordingly

Re-sharpening periods should be very careful to avoid such problems. If you do not know the re-sharpening period of your broaching tool, you can call us immediately or ask for information by an e-mail.