Our company is currently branding its broaching tools using the Fiber Laser Marking device.

In order to be able to respond to customer’s need for laser marking, we are branding the parts which are broached; design, branding depth and dimensions can be processed with the products of the templates which are prepared according to the demands of the customers completely.

In particular, the increased use of ERP systems, and accordingly the association of barcodes and products with reference numbers, has made laser marking even more essential. Because the prints made by laser marking are mechanical impacts, chemical effects and abrasion resistant permanent prints. Besides, it gives an aesthetic impression on the product, the cost is low and the processing time is short, making laser marking attractive.

In addition to these, you can also mark your company logo, product code, barcode, data symbol, symbols and signs you want in materials such as rubber, wood, plastic, aluminum, iron and processed parts.